The South Ural State University will host an International Сonference on the issues of continuous education.

27 Feb

 International Conference «University of the XXI century in the System of Continuous Education» will be held 11-12, October, 2018 at South Ural State University. The conference is supported by the Union of heads of institutionsand subdivisions of additional vocational education andemployers, Association for Engineering Education of Russia, South Bohemian University (Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice)

     The purpose of the conference is to expand international and interdisciplinary cooperation between teachers, researchers and organizers of the education system in the field of continuing education through the exchange of ideas and discussion of global and local issues of continuous education.


  • Mission of the University in continuing education
  • Improving the training of specialists for the priority sectors of economy in Russia
  • Structuring further vocational education based on University transformation projects
  • Training of the academic staff for planning and analyzing the University transformation
  • Digital transformation in continuing education
  • Social partnership of employers and universities on learning and teaching support of continuing education based on occupational standards
  • Specific methods and organizational forms of continuing education
  • Acmeological approach to the continuing education teacher personality


LocationLenin Ave., 78в, 454080 Chelyabinsk, Russia

South Ural State University, University complex «Sigma»

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