SUSU Campus


The campus of South Ural State University, including educational facilities, 10 dormitories, as well as extra amenities such as a canteen, a hairdressing salon, grocery stores, a computer club, and a cafe is situated in the heart of Chelyabinsk and surrounded by parks. A hospital for students, a pool, and a sport complex are located within a walking distance. SUSU serves as a platform for more than 30 creative teams and associations. SUSU Campus amenities are in high regard among Russian and international students.


Famous for its fine traditions, SUSU Campus is the oldest campus in the Chelyabinsk Region. The Campus is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living, studying and keeping fit. Free internet access allows students to take advantage of the university information resources: department’s and faculty’s file servers, SUSU electronic resources, scientific library website and major databases.

Dormitories are fitted with study rooms, halls for weightlifting, shaping and recreational gymnastics, living spaces where students can relax, watch movies and TV. Every dormitory has interior and exterior video surveillance systems.

The staff is regularly trained in fire safety procedures. Fire safety briefing and all internal regulations are translated into English, Arabic, Chinese and French.

Every dormitory is a big and close-knit family!

New dormitories

By the beginning of the new academic year of 2020-2021 SUSU has opened two new dormitories not far from Traktor Arena.  The buildings are of 11 and 18 floors and they provide accommodation for 1500 guests. There are one-room, two-room and three-room units with all the necessary amenities, kitchens and furnishing. People living in the dormitories can spend their time walking in the forest, playing basketball on the outdoor sportsground or spend time with their families on the playground.  


The University is surrounded by forests and parks. Behind the Monument to Kurchatov there is a forest where students can spend time away from the urban fuss. Along Lenina Avenue there are outdoor recreational areas with comfortable benches and different swings where students can have rest after lectures and seminars.

Behind the main building there is the Yuri Gagarin Recreation Park where you can find a workout area, a pond, cafes, bicycle and catamaran rental, an ice skating rink, roller skiing routes and many other possibilities for your leisure time.

The location of the University encourages students to do sports and have outdoor picnics with friends.

Student Life

With 5 intelligence clubs, 5 communication clubs, 6 art clubs and 7 sport clubs student life at SUSU offers a welcoming place for everyone. To complement their academics and research, students choose their own extracurricular adventures – from a spectacular array of ways to participate in music, dance, theatre to different kinds of sports. (To help students navigate challenges, SUSU offers to look at the list of student organizations here.)

One of the most famous organizations is Ural Falcon sports club based on the campus. Every year students rank it in the top. For people with busy schedule there are basketball and volleyball night leagues.

Every year the campus holds a colourful and exciting Miss Campus and Mister Campus contests which is preceded by casting. Many young people put a lot of effort into preparing their presentations and dream to get to the finals.

For many years SUSU campus is also a home for the dance studio where they have guitar evenings and student-comedians provide entertainment.

SUSU Art Center founded 50 years ago contributes significantly to the artistic development of students. It began as an undergraduate and postgraduate club on the basis of the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute. More than 30 creative associations operate on the grounds of the SUSU nowadays – Deep Vision dance group, Primavera choir, jazz, folk and chamber orchestras, Maneken theatre studio and many others.

All creative associations under the SUSU Art Center are laureates of international, Russian, regional and city festivals and competitions. Students can try to act, sing or dance; participate in competitions; fulfill their creative potential and gain international recognition.

Today SUSU Art Center is a cultural center for students from all around the world.

In a single year Arts Center organizes 200 concerts, 50 special and thematic events, more than 130 visits to theatres and concert halls.

International students from China, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Latin America and other countries actively participate in the cultural life of the University. They organize their own events in order to share their unique culture with other students. Among such events are: We’re All Different, but We’re Together Festival, Day of Arab Culture and Day of African Culture.

Association of International Students and Center for Sociocultural Adaptation are the SUSU organizations that never leave international students without help. They organize bright holidays and develop bilingual environment at SUSU.

SUSU Medical Center

SUSU Medical Center was founded in 1999. The center specializes in outpatient care, treatment of acute and chronic diseases. There are three departments: outpatient, rehabilitation, and urological. Medical personnel consists of highly qualified professionals.

Outpatient department includes a treatment room, where specialists carry out laboratory tests, administer injections and drips; a physiotherapy room where laser therapy, magnetic therapy, CMT therapy, UV therapy, phonophoresis and inhalation are performed. In the rehabilitation department, doctors treat spinal osteochondrosis, children’s scoliosis, intervertebral hernia. There are facilities for manual therapy, massage and ozone therapy. Procedures for therapeutic, lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite massage are available to students and staff. In the urology department, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment are used.

Anyone can get an appointment with a specialist of the center (urologist, a surgeon, an obstetrician-gynecologist, an ultrasound doctor).

Scientific Library

The Scientific Library of the South Ural State University was founded in 1943 and is currently the largest university library in the Urals. There are about 2 million printed publications. The library has unique collections, including modern, scientific, educational, domestic and foreign publications, as well as collections of rare books of the XIX-XX centuries. Besides paper resources the library has electronic documents, like books, magazines, newspapers, video and audio materials.
The e-catalog of the SUSU Scientific Library contains bibliographic records of all types of documents that make up the library’s collection in Russian and foreign languages: books, periodicals, articles, theses, author’s abstracts of texts and full-text electronic documents.

University Media

SUSU was the first university in Russia who created university-based TV and radio company SUSU-TV. It uses cable networks and is broadcasted on TV and the Internet. It consists of 7 independent editorial boards: SUSU News, Convergent editorial office, International broadcasting, Special projects, Educated TV, Radio broadcasting and AIS SouthUral Youtube channel. This is a unique platform for the effective use of television during the educational process and free time. Students can work not only as correspondents, but also try themselves as TV presenters, editors, directors and cameramen. It became possible due to the modern technical equipment of SUSU-TV. In the process of creating media materials at SUSU TV, only multimedia digital equipment and professional licensed computer editing programs in are used.


South Urals State University has created a museum and educational complex consisting of 7 museums and exhibition centers (Arts Hall, Geological Museum, Museum of Nationalities and Technology of the South Urals, SUSU Museum, The Russian Museum Branch, SUSU Exhibition Center) where a variety of memorable expositions are presented – geology, archeology, rocket technology, artworks and many others. Students, teachers and employees of the university have a unique opportunity to visit the exhibition spaces of the university, each of which is successfully developing in its own direction.

SUSU Museum was founded in 1980. The first part of the exhibition is devoted to the establishment of the university. Here a visitor can see exhibits that store the memory of each stage of our university development and of the people without whom it wouldn’t have existed. Visitors will learn about how the Chelyabinsk Mechanical and Engineering Institute was transformed into the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute in 1951, and how the first university documents like student ID cards or academic record books looked like.

Now it also a place for meetings of the first-year students of SUSU. The museum is also an interesting place for schoolchildren who want to learn more about one of the leading universities in the country. Also this is a wonderful place for the alumni of the university who want to remember the days of old and bring back the memories of student days.

The Geological Museum enables its visitors to enjoy world-class collections of rocks and minerals of the Urals. The extensive collection contains a variety of ores and building materials. The museum displays a breathtaking collection of ornamental, semi-precious, and precious stones. Overall, the Geological Museum features about a thousand objects. The museum is the premier destination for geology lovers and is a platform for interactive workshops.

The Museum of Nationalities and Technology of the South Urals owns over 10,000 priceless exhibits, including Hun relics and Sarmatian ornaments. Historical relics were found by South Ural scientists on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region.

The museum is part of the SUSU Eurasian Studies Research and Educational Center; its staff organizes archaeological expeditions every summer. Every object found during the expeditions goes to the museum and the most interesting ones are on display now.

The university has leading experts in the field of archeology, thanks to them the exhibitions of the museum are constantly updated and knowledge about the ancient history of the region is complemented by the latest research.

Arts Hall has heldmore than 60 exhibitions over the years, the exhibits presented came from the collections of the Chelyabinsk Oblast State Museum of Arts, the Chelyabinsk Regional Branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, the creative association Guild of Masters, from private collections of artists and collectors.

On the 10th floor of SUSU main building there is the Museum of the Television and Radio Broadcasting History in the Chelyabinsk region which contains photographs of famous journalists, as well as cameras, microphones and other technical equipment, without which television broadcasting would be impossible. There are exhibitions of the leading TV channels of the region: the South Ural State TV and Radio Company, the Vostochny Express TV Company, the Public TV Company and the SUSU-TV student television channel.

Thanks to archive photos visitors can get acquainted with the people who lay the foundation for broadcasting in the South Urals, as well as see old tape recorders, microphones and other equipment. On the same floor you can see vivid moments from the history of SUSU-TV – photos of famous guests.

SUSU Exhibition Center is an active exhibition enterprise, its services are in demand by all SUSU institutes, schools and other departments. Every year the center hosts different exhibitions and fairs that boosts positive public image and advanced scientific developments and innovative technologies of SUSU. The exhibition center organizes and conducts scientific conferences, symposia, forums and seminars. It is engaged in the preparation of university exhibitions at various sites and national expositions.

The Russian Museum Branch (virtual educational center) is based in the Pushkin Hall and represents a unique opportunity to have a direct connection with the Russian Museum. The educational collection consists of more than 500 items: books, albums, videos, discs, slides and computer programs.

Sports complex

The active life of modern students of the South Ural State University in addition to studying is inextricably linked to sports. Regular sports and recreation activities contribute to student’s health, well-being and positive world view. The university has created unique sports facilities – the Sport Center, and the Education and Sports Complex. They are equipped with specialized halls for basketball, volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, kickboxing, aerobics, 4 gyms and the Universitetsky shaping center. It regularly hosts city, regional and national sports competitions. Specialized areas have been opened for different categories of people. The SUSU Education and Sports Complex is repeatedly recognized as the best sports facility among universities in the Chelyabinsk region, and was ranked 1st in the All-Russian competition of sports centers of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The university’s pride is a 50-meter Olympic-standard swimming pool with 10 lanes, an athletics arena with a 200-meter synthetic track which, if transformed, can house 2 tennis courts in its central part. This is a great place for sports, fitness, as well as a base for training future athletes in the field of professional swimming and the development of sports achievements.  An important part of the university’s sports life, as well as of the entire Chelyabinsk region, is ice hockey. In 1949, SUSU’s own hockey team Polytechnic was founded. Over the years the team participated in various competitions and achieved impressive results: it became the absolute champion of Chelyabinsk in 1961 and a three-time winner of the championship of the Russian Council of the Student Voluntary Sports Society “Burevestnik”. The university team participated in the 1990 All-Union Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, became a four-time champion of the Chelyabinsk region, a champion of Russia among the teams of the 2nd A class league in the Urals and Western Siberia regions of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation, the silver medalist of the International Festival Moscow games-2016. In the seasons of 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, the hockey team Polytechnic won the Bronze in the Student Hockey League.

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